Hexagon 3d Wall Panels

Wide range of application scenarios: hexagonal sound panels are suitable for offices, restaurants, schools, etc. The hexagonal sound panel can improve sound quality and add an artistic atmosphere simultaneously.

Multiple thicknesses: hexagonal sound panels are available in various thicknesses. You can use them in larger spaces for excellent sound absorption.

Easy to install: manually done without any tools using our recommended adhesives.

Customizable: size and color can be customized.



Hexagon 3d Wall Panels




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Almost intuitive to install without tools.Hexagonal size, more decorative effect
It could be made into hexagon shapes with the effect of a similar honeycomb after joining together, so it will achieve a strong decoration, giving a feeling of touching nature closer. At the same time, with the adhesive we recommend buying together, it can be completed by hand without the help of any tools, and hexagonal size, and color can be customized too.



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