Home Acoustics Solutions

Wall Claddings

Mount on the wall to eliminate excess sound and improve the acoustics of the living room or conference room.High-quality wallboard made of LEEDINGS sound-absorbing panels gives you a modern minimalist design to decorate your room.


The PET acoustic panels are generally hung horizontally from the ceiling to reduce reflected sound. Available in any custom shape or size, these floating cloud panels can provide a unique look and depth to meet your needs.Note: To improve acoustic performance, install panels at different suspens

Standing Screens

Office partition screens made of high-density polyester fiber sound-absorbing panels are widely used in various office locations. These more private areas allow staff to concentrate, away from office distractions and outside noise, creating a productive working environment for your office.

Office Furniture

Using acoustic panels creates a private space where you can sit and work in different ways, not just at the desk. Decorative designs can also provide more colorful options for the typical white, black and grey office.

Home Furniture

In terms of trim, the polyester panels are undoubtedly functional. Polyester panels interlock easily to create a strong structure, making it easy to build a frame.Polyester panels can be used as non-bearing boards in the furniture industry and as bearing boards such as wardrobe internal horizont

Commercial Acoustics Solutions


The polyester acoustic absorbing panel is a material with good physical stability and will not expand or contract with changes in temperature and humidity. In addition, the fiber material is very flexible and has good abrasion and impact resistance when made into sound-absorbing panels, which are co


Our polyester acoustic panels can radiate sound waves propagating to the surface in all directions, making the indoor sound field more uniform and improving sound clarity.


Acoustic treatment panels and removable baffles are two common methods of reducing reverberation in a studio space. They come in various sizes and materials and are a great choice for any custom room application.As an acoustic panel manufacturer, our premium sound-absorbing products provide stud


Churches are often made of glass, stone, marble, concrete, and wood, resulting in different reverberations. Fortunately, acoustic treatment panels can reduce echoes and improve sound quality, helping congregations hear better.

Lecture hall

To successfully communicate with the audience, the speaker must be in an environment that provides high speech intelligibility and low background noise. In other words, reverberation should be reduced to help reduce background noise. Acoustic panels are one of the most common options for solving thi