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committed to creating eco-friendly polyester acoustic panels to maximize and improve human health. Designing, developing, and manufacturing polyester panels is what we do to meet the needs of people worldwide today. Our acoustic absorbing panels help people create hearing-friendly spaces where they can better live, work, learn, play, and heal.

Our core advantages are on-time and fast delivery, affordable price, etc.; main products are hexagonal sound panels, PET acoustic panels, 3D acoustic panels, acoustic wood slat panels, etc.

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can provide acoustic absorbing panels in different shapes according to your needs; our polyester acoustic panels can be used in different scenarios, click and see more information about polyester acoustic panels.

"Project Cases"

acoustic absorbing panels are often used in offices, cinemas, and stadiums; ready to provide you with high-quality and comprehensive acoustic solutions to help create individual spaces.

Wall Claddings

Mount on the wall to eliminate excess sound and improve the acoustics of the living room or conference room. High-quality wallboard made of  sound-absorbing panels gives you a modern minimalist design to decorate your room.


The PET acoustic panels are generally hung horizontally from the ceiling to reduce reflected sound. Available in any custom shape or size, these floating cloud panels can provide a unique look and depth to meet your needs. 

Note: To improve acoustic performance, install panels at different suspension heights.

Standing Screens

Office partition screens made of high-density polyester fiber sound-absorbing panels are widely used in various office locations. These more private areas allow staff to concentrate, away from office distractions and outside noise, creating a productive working environment for your office.

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