Acoustic Ceiling Baffle

Features of decorative acoustic ceilings

Great acoustic treatment:Decorative acoustic ceiling tiles with high performance are ideal for improving interior acoustics. They are designed to reduce reverberation and reflections in the space.

Customizable: Custom sizes and colors can fit any space and add a design element to your room.

Cost-effective: LEEDINGS can provide a more economical acoustic treatment solution. Decorative acoustic ceiling tiles are suitable for off-wall decoration of large spaces.


Sound baffles ceilings can be used in any space where reverberation and echo cause speech intelligibility and noise issues. On the other hand, our decorative acoustic ceilings come in various styles, sizes, and colors.


Product Information


Description: Acoustic Ceiling Baffle
Acoustic Type: Porous Sound Absorbing Material
Color: More than 40 colors to be chosen
Volume Density: 120-250kg/cbm
Surface Density(9mm thickness): 900-2200gsm(gram per square meter)
Weight(standard size): 2.6-6.5kg per panel
Standard Size: 2440*1220mm(8 * 4 feet)
Standard Thickness: 9mm, 12mm
Customized Size: Up to 3000*1500mm
Customized Thickness: 3-18mm
Fire Retardant: Class A from ASTM E84(US Standard), Class A2 from EN13501(European Standard)
Acoustic Performance: NRC=0.88 from ISO354(International Standard)
Function: Interior decoration and sound absorbing
Application: Office, Cinema, Conference, Classroom, Auditorium, Gym, Hotel, etc.



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